(SPOILERS) The comments on [redacted] (CODE RED related) Google'da Ara

CODE RED FINALE SPOILERS The three character audio commentaries have now been applied to the Toyota 2011 commercials, along with a bonus fourth commentary. Full descriptions available below. 1 - Scout comments on [redacted]: A case file subject has to get her beauty sleep. On the other hand, the RED Scout follows a tip to find her before others do. In CODE RED series continuity, Scout is a spectator at a commercial filming as depicted in the "Beauty Nap" commercial , but Sniper's "princess" is nowhere to be seen. 2 - Spy comments on [redacted]: The BLU Spy offers a "cloak and dagger" take on [redacted] things in life. In CODE RED series continuity, Spy eavesdrops on a dressing room conversation, as depicted in the Chitchat commercial. 3 - Sniper comments on [redacted]: The RED Sniper *really* misinterprets one of [redacted]'s finest. In CODE RED series continuity, Sniper thinks his "princess" is cheating on him for some bacon hotdog vendor, as depicted in the maligned Hotdog commercial. Sniper's just doing his best to protect his "princess" from any harm even if he seems unconventional or too enthusiastic about his job. 4 - Bonus: Scout comments on humiliation (ALL NEW COMMENTARY 2012): Scout gives his own personal take on the experience of one of the editors from the Render Room commercial. Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 (C) Valve Based on the characters created by Valve Corporation, Kei, Crypton Future Media, and the commercials by Toyota ----Copyright Disclaimer Under <b>...</b>


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